Elki Cable is one of Turkey's leading companies in its sector and produces cables in accordance with international quality standards.

Elki Cable has been founded in 1983 and since 1986, it has been producing cables under "IRMAK KABLO" brand name. The company has satisfied customers over the years by focusing on quality and timeliness of delivery.

Various cables used in appliances, consumer electronics products, PC's and energy transmission are produced in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 quality system.

All ranges of cables have TSE (Institute of Turkish Standards) and HAR certificates, enabling us to export 30% of our production to the following countries: The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Iraq, Lebanon, Guinea.

Elki has 8000 squaremeters covered production space in Istanbul and Manisa with 120 employees. PVC used in cables is also produced in house, while copper is supplied from local vendors.

Our annual production capacity is 3000 tons for copper and 4000 tons for PVC.

Beside the cables represented on this web site, we are also ready to meet any of your special requirements.